Zine Not Dead 9

this July 7th i will b performing a reading of sum new work at Zine Not Dead sumtime after 8pm. Zine Not Dead 9 will be at 1621 N Kedzie St. in Chicago IL pls come if u can. it will b nice

new project

i get really excited to talk about works of art i like so im gonna make a tumblr where I write reviews and critiques of things i like. im starting with Takako Shimura's manga series Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son). but my reviews are gonna cover video games, television, comics, manga, anime, really lots of stuff so like check it out occasionally.  https://sweetkanereviews.tumblr.com/ check it out <3

Chicago Art Book Fair

In just under 3 weeks I'll be tabling at the first ever Chicago Art Book Fair as a part of T.H.C. Its a collective full of talented people so I hope you'll come out and support us. I'll be selling the first issue of Free Fantasy, Suburban SAdness, an older screenprinted book I made, as well as my newest zine, 3 Months. SHould be exciting its the first ever Chicago Art Book Fair so I hope lot's of people turnout

Free Fantasy #2

Work has started on Free Fantasy #2! it should be ready in time for the first ever Chicago Art Book Fair where I will exhibitng with chicago based collective T.H.C.